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Patient Testimonials

All of my MRI’s were normal, but I was still in pain and no one could figure out why. After consulting with and being examined by Dr. Dow, he determined that I stretched some of the ligaments in my neck due to my whiplash injury. He showed me on special x rays that he took in his office, that the vertebrae in my neck were slipping out of position every time I looked down and then back. He said I had ligament laxity (stretching or tearing) which is very common after a motor vehicle accident.
Once the cause of my pain was discovered the treatment that I received from the professionals in his office strengthened the muscles around the injured area, and I was on the road to recovery.

-Louise Pantazis

I was referred to Dr. Dow’s office by my attorney after being involved in a very serious car accident, I want to thank my attorney for referring me there because I have received incredible treatment and results.

-Angela Paturzo

After years of treatment, I still had severe lower back pain and neck pain after my*16. accident. I then had a consultation with Dr. Thomas Dow who after he examined me and reviewed all my diagnostic test findings told me that he felt that ‘I had developed scar tissue and adhesions inside my body.’ He explained that this is how the body heals sometimes and explained the scar tissue can surround and put pressure on nerves which cause pain and can also connect joints together or vertebra together thus causing stiffness and loss of range of motion. He felt that this had occurred in my neck, lower back, pelvis and hips. He then went on to explain that a procedure called stretching under sedation (Also known as manipulation under anesthesia) could be performed to release this scar tissue or adhesions, and thus correct the cause of much of my pain. I underwent the procedure which was only about 15 minutes. I woke up and immediately felt relief and better motion. I then underwent 6 weeks of physical therapy to continue stretching these parts in his office. This procedure changed my life.

Thank You Dr. Dow!

-Michael Miller

It is such a pleasure to receive treatment with a team of super knowledgeable professional all working together in a coordinated effort on my injuries. The office is clean, well equipped, and the staff treats me like I’m part of the family.

-Greg Henderson

When I first met Dr. Dow I brought in all my diagnostic test findings for him to review, He looked at my cervical MRI saw a disc herniation that was not indicated on my written report from the radiologist. He then called the radiologist and asked to look at the images again and the radiologist agreed that there was indeed a disc herniation and wrote an addendum to the original report. I then asked Dr. Dow how he learned how to read MRI’s and he explained that he had taken many post graduate education courses on MRI interpretation, and that he reviews every single MRI study he orders on not just his patients, but also on MRI’s that other doctors have ordered. I feel that this is critical when I put my trust in a doctor with my spine.

Thank You Dr. Dow

-Fabricio Godoy

I was referred to Dr. Dow’s office by my personal injury attorney after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. I want to thank Dr. Dow and his staff for the tremendous caring and treatment that I have received. I would encourage anyone who has been in a car accident to see Dr. Dow and the other specialists in his office. You will be happy too.

Thank You

-Gladys Williams