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About Us

Injury Doc Now Injury Doc Now is an amalgam of separate specialty practices specializing in injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents. On a daily basis, the specialists consult with one another about you, the patient. This results in a well-coordinated treatment plan for maximum benefit. Many of the specialties actually complement each other and everyone works together to alleviate your pain.

Could you imagine going in to battle with 10,000 soldiers and captains, and none of the captains consult with one another regarding their plan of attack? The battle will be lost for sure. But if there was a general who guided a strategic plan of attack with his captains, then a well-coordinated plan could be carried out with one captain’s forces helping the other captain’s forces. The battle has a good chance of being won.

This is what we are all about! Coordination of care. A well laid out plan of attack designed to get to the cause of your symptoms and provide the right treatment and testing, at the right time and place.

Injury Doc NowMany times, patients receive treatment from a chiropractor for correction of post traumatic spinal misalignment (subluxation) and they treat forever because the muscles are never conditioned to hold the adjustments in place. Often, people just go to a physical therapist and receive modalities such as heat electrical muscle stimulation and massage and then do exercises without seeing a Doctor of Chiropractic for spinal correction of misalignments (subluxations). Neither scenario is optimal because the patient just doing physical therapy is strengthening muscles to hold misalignments out of place and the patient undertaking chiropractic treatment is doing nothing to strengthen the muscles to hold the corrected alignment. So, the optimal approach for the patient would be heat, massage, electrical muscle stimulation to relax the spasms and increase blood circulation in the injured areas, then right away get adjusted (which now will be easier), and then after several weeks of corrective treatment, start to exercise the muscles to hold and fortify the newly corrected structure.

At Injury Doc Now, we will get you right in for your appointment after your accident and quickly create a diagnostic and treatment regimen designed to get you back on your feet again.